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I Love You Faggots

I Love You Faggots Programmers on suicide watch 23 hrs agoTRANScending the Realm of Dad Jokes 22 hrs agoVelma Virgin Killer Sweater 22 hrs agoBack at it again with Webm comp #65 21 hrs agoIm Not Even Going To Say Anything 19 hrs agoTrump's mud ban saves anon from a naggin 20 hrs agoSubmitted Without Comment 19 hrs agoWednesday's Bonus Cute Things - 1/2/2017 17 hrs ago

WSJ rant by Cr1tikal

TrashCat will stab you with stolen memes 19 hrs agoSpongeBob's Nutty Adventure 22 hrs agoProfessors lesson goes wrong 15 hrs agoHow to solve puzzles [Breath of the Wild] 21 hrs agoCOMPLETELY REAL 100% OVERWATCH PATCH NOTES 20 hrs agoThis is never getting old, is it?18 hrs agowhy do you want to be oppressed so badly?