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please tell me it's fake

please tell me it's fake Anyone know any places to take Jason to for a tattoo?Just has so youngidk any places thaw do it myself, need recommendations/uh Like I Cammenteras/ Like.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Shill Nye the cringe guy.53 snds agoDealing with shill youtube gaymers (satire) 5 mns agoNothing of value was lost that day (satire) 7 mns agoMurenase!

So, uh... I did a thing

So, uh... I did a thing qELLE Find FriendsCREATEAdvert Page Group Eventn ' Faceful Cl -Homesupper:Welcome, ,The Support Inner: is your planets:1 Get updates about things that you' reported2.Chest: and rem to messages from the Help Team.