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Tumblrina Triggered over the word "Date"

Tumblrina Triggered over the word "Date" I've never seen a cat with a double chin 5 mns agoBlaire White’s Facebook Ban Lifted 5 mns agoTrump cuts US debt by 12 billion 10 mns agoAre we human?Do we feels?

Tumblrina VS The World

Tumblrina VS The World Alcohol is a hell of a time 41 snds agoDon't mansplain things to me 9 mns agoFAITH IS THE GIFT OF THE MOST HIGH YAHAWAH 11 mns agoGranting Amnesty to Dreamers Committing Crimes While Abandoning T 12 mns agoFlorida Sheriff Those With Warrants Not Welcome at Shelter 15 mns agoThis years best accessory pack 29 mns agoSo Ash isn't the only person with those cheek marks 46 mns agonew south park game difficulty is your skin color 47 mns ago