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Anon has a solution

Anon has a solution File: (382 KB, 600x888)F I Anonymous ( Tue).genetic library of selfrout with XX instead ofkinnect chromosomes into zygoteremote has same as me except femalein test tube until babyapiece baby on doorstep of my parents' housewwith note saying to raise her, but let her know she' s adoptedgo into space and trawl close to speed of lightvwhen I get back she is 13sshe will naturally be excited to meet her adoptive brother wasjust got back from spacesshe has my genetics, so she will be autistic like messhe was raised by the same parents, so she will have a similar personality to messhe 'knows' she' s not really related to me so incest isn' t a problemmus to relativity I' m actually still in my early Ella so not much older than herewe will get along perfectly and she becomes myAnd that' s how to become your own waifu.

/an/on slaughters a duck

/an/on slaughters a duck 5 Anonymous 07/ 18/ 17( Tue) 11: 53: 40 blo/ 2433777sback when beta_ anon was 10shave 1 his friend who is an onlyA child and rich asfffriend lives in 6 bedroomlakefront mansionand swan familiesacuter pegMme and friend go down to lakefront after seeingmama duck and 6 babiesslots of lose rock on ground at lakefrontssome rocks as bigger than golf ballregretrreally trying to impress rich friend - jokingly sayBet I can hit one"epick up rock and throw in generaldirection of duck family (est.away onlake)rock strikes mama duck on neck instantlyshattering multiple vertebraesits head uncontrollably plunges into waterfduck cannot get head above water and violentflapping and muffled squawking ensuewwtf have I doneWe me cannot emotionally handle the burdenof the crime I had just committedfduck since stopped moving and making noisegust of wind blows the corpse away withchicks still followingFriend comforts the by saying that it' s justlooking for eels underwater to protect the chicksrepented that night

/x/ anon is bamboozled

/x/ anon is bamboozled Anonymous Tue (15 Jan 2015 15: 19: 42 hha.15651236 Reportwe ti]Hiding bike with mom and sistrip through the forest to the lakekeep up after them, cause hatemf; glasses are broken, so i ride without themrt see my mom only as red stain (her dress) like in front of me.

Anon is the clear winner

Anon is the clear winner File: fiat.ipg (114 KB, 699x800)Li Anonymous 07/ ( Tue) 18: 50: 01 Fme on my new gaming laptopFfriend calls me onto discordme if We had a hot day of sex (l know where this is going)s Proceeds to tell me that he lost his virginity to said day aboveeBay congratstell him I finished dark souls 3 and its dim (which he is play)quiet for a few secondsthe discordI think we all know who' s the winner hereimage familiar

Anon reveals his flight plan

Anon reveals his flight plan Q Switch commercial 1 heidel.l.

Coo/ck/ Defends Cup Noodles

Coo/ck/ Defends Cup Noodles igg * (110 KB, 450x450) google gander: Eggq U Amonymous!VAT( Tue) 00:%: 44 vbest cup noodles and or cup noodle recipe?

Stuff I found on /k/ 2?

Stuff I found on /k/ 2? i Anonymous 08/ 29/ 17( Tue) 10: 21: 13 No.35006751ffriend is in the RAFaon base in Central Englandflight comes in from Germanyare unloading when they discover amigrant hiding on boardhad somehow snuck onto a military base inGermany and then onto a flight without beingnoticedGRAF police and arr about what to do withthe guyfor base intruders is to escort them offbase the same way they came inthat' s not happening here since theycan' t fly him back to Germany on a Herculessin the end they decide to just dunnp him outsidethe main gate, call the border force and wipe theirhands of the whole thingsnorter takes a long time to get therer: -by the time they arrive the migrant hasdisappeared into the English countryside endingup who knows where

Guess who's coming to dinner

Guess who's coming to dinner i Anonymous 08/ 22/ 1 7( Tue) : 42 No.9335977Mme, 20, dating a black girlcorne to dinner and meet rny familyanon"mo dad (big surprise there)forlorn fucking smoking at the dinnertablewinner was homemade Mac andvelveeta with some baked chickenquarters drowned in hot sauceknot a vegetable as far as the eye canseewidest brother playing the roll of dad,talking tough and not wearing a damnshirtaanother asks what my parents do for alivingsay, truthfully, my reborn is a collegeprofessor and my dad is a copthe fuck!

Anon mentions something in class

Anon mentions something in class i Anonymous 09/ 05/ ( Tue) 07: 45: 14 blo.we in classpetiton' t really remember how we got to thispoint but idly mention that I ' t wantto bang used goodsasks me why and I say thateveryone is horrified by the idea of usingeachother' s fleshlights and sextoys or134 KB JPG even so what' s thedifference between that and a real humanconstantly all the women in the class start screeching likebaboonswhatever i don' t give a fuck15 Replies I 7 Images View Thread

Lawfag finally ends it all

Lawfag finally ends it all I ask, lawyer's.say yesdon' t try to bullshit me now, I' m a lawyer.