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Anon tells a story

Anon tells a story i Anonymous 02/ 21/ 17( Tue) 13: 14: 21 No.723181321Story time /b/a student worker inschoolrework in office where you rentout school' s equipmentis used forprojects by students who don' t have their ownshitssee MiguelAIN/ Miguel rents equipment like everyone elseAIN/ Miguel always wipes SD card returning.

/fit/izen reacts to a shooting

/fit/izen reacts to a shooting Board / ' Settings Home5 Anonymous 02/ ( Tue) 17: 05: 59 blo.fuck comes inside, shoots the14 receptionist in the head, andmakes his way towards the weightroom.

pinnacle of naval assault technology.

pinnacle of naval assault technology. 5 Anonymous 02/ 21/ ala( Tue) 13: 52: 42 934Guys, We just got a brilliant idea.What if we remove all the planesfrom an aircraft carrier and fill itwith tanks and soldiers instead,183 KB JPGSo, when you have to invade anenemy just park the thing on the shore, and usethe steam catapult to rapidly deploy armoredvehicles?

/fit/izen is the gym bully

/fit/izen is the gym bully i Anonymous 02/ 28/ 17( Tue) 07: 22: 31Who /gainfully/ here?2.

/btard goes to college

/btard goes to college Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [Cl Auto]File: images (uegg (3 KB, 127x127)Ll Anonymous (( Tue) 10: 59.24 No.

Anon goes to a racially diverse cinema.

Anon goes to a racially diverse cinema. C) Anonymous 04/ 26/ 16( Tue) 21: 15: 10 Nta.FFile: 1461303_ 683885.

She wants the Guac. She's down to Guac. She needs the Guac.

Anonymous 03/ 14/ 17( Tue)74 KB JPGI fucked up /cld,tor whatever reason I told a girl at the bar last night thati' m actually a guacamole god among mere mortals andis have her taste the best cuas known to man if shecame over later this evening.Requesting your best guacamole recipes, or theoreticalrecipes, or literally anything, E have never made thisin my life.

/pol/acks explain the history of white people

/pol/acks explain the history of white people is white aversion to blacks ani-)17( Tue) Ne.itstands reason thatancient blacks were just savage.