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Commuting snake hitches a ride home on a Boston train

Commuting snake hitches a ride home on a Boston train Everyone's on the daily grind, including one very busy, commuting snake.The snake is enjoying its ride, taking in the sights and sounds and probably smells of the people around him.

8-4 Play 9/1/2017: BEST OF THE BEST

8-4 Play 9/1/2017: BEST OF THE BEST The hype train has once again departed for parts unknown, but there’s still plenty of E3-related goodness to discuss in its wake.Join us as we tear through all (OK, most) of the games announced at this year’s show with the usual mish-mash of thoughts and impressions on everything Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony had to offer.

Falling asleep military style

Falling asleep military style corranew can you train yourself to sleep quickly like theydo In the military?

HTT Gets Thumbs Up to Build India's First Hyperloop

HTT Gets Thumbs Up to Build India's First Hyperloop According to a Memorandum of Understanding, the project will follow a public-private partnership model, with funding primarily from private investors.Before anyone can board the express tube, though, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies will launch a six-month feasibility study; starting in October, the research firm must analyze the area and determine the best possible itinerary.

Thomas the Heretical Train Engine

Thomas the Heretical Train Engine some Sprint 6* 6: 40 AM we tnegathumb.comCommuters express concern asThomas the Tank Engine falls to thepower of ChaosO September 10, 20178 Written by DanyeeastResidents of the island of Sodor have expressedconcern today after Thomas the Tank Engine wascorrupted by demons of the Warp and pledged hissoul to the Ruinous Powers.

/sci/ bikes home from university

/sci/ bikes home from university 59791Home home from uni with my bikeah/ vays try my hardest to arrive as fast as possible to train mybodywck) ck always a little more than 8 minutesHome home listening to eurobeatso much energy and it' s so fun to tome my legs to do theirhardest eyed when l can' t increase the speed anymorearrive about 5 minutes and 19 seconds after leaving the uniliterally can' t walk properlyMegs hurt so much I wait in pain on my bed for a minute before being able to write this shitty blog postWhat is the science behind this?Also, I' m feeling a weird taste on my mouth.

Anon is on a train

Anon is on a train Sorry if this is Edgelord 4 mns agoThat Georgie fella ain't right, I tell ya hwhat!4 mns agoHow part 3 should have ended 12 mns agoPokemon: The First Movie - Not As Good As You Think 45 mns agoMCINNES BLOWS ROGAN'S MIND LIKE AN IED 51 mns agouseful for world building.