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PBG in regards of friendship Jontron

PBG in regards of friendship  Jontron 4- Tweet ckAustin Hargrave ‘W’Look, I' m just gonna say it becauseit' s already out of the bag, and I' mtired of people misconstruing Myfriendship with Jon ended a whileTraducir del moles12: 11 ene 1731 RETWEETS 774 ME GUSTAAustin Hargrave @back.It had nothing to do with ourpolitical disagreements, it wassomething private.

Green text is didn't read

Green text is didn't read f, Anonymous (ID: - EFri)For those of you who need a tired of people trolling hisstream824 KB We decides to set it up so no onewill ever be able to find itcameras location is kept hidden, it faces aflagpole with a "he will not divide us" flag on itand ground references to figure out where it isaustistic anon notices airplane contrails in the skyastards studying flight radars and trying to match thecontrails to planes on the radarfiinally figures out where the flag pole is, evenstarts predicting when planes will fly over itaother anans go to the town in questionwind the flag polexplant MAGA hat and Pepe shirt on toptldr anons finds out where the secret camera is bylooking at airplane convene