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Coming this Thursday to the Mini Mall: Valentine Fun!

Coming this Thursday to the Mini Mall: Valentine Fun! We’ve been feeling the love at Pogo lately, and we want to pass some of that on to you!Our upcoming release this Thursday, February 2nd is all about romance.

Robot likes chinese food

Robot likes chinese food Anonymous I 34629781 ll y a 12 h It!ggo to the same chinese takeoutrestaurant, every single thursday andI sunday, for 9 yearstribe owners are a nice elderly chinesewoman and her husband, and theirdaughter works in the shopI visit they treat me reallynicely, the daughter is smiling and Iassume she has a crush on mealways take a bottle of soy sauce witha picture of my face glued on and makethem use itmay extra to have their daughter call meaalways thought it was just a fun laughan Triennial grocers near my housea few weeks agoknotice the chinese woman who ownsthe storesshe is talking to some white ladysuecide to eavesdroptthey are talking about her shopsshe says 'it is nice to own a shop butsome customers are very creepy, like oneman who is scaring my daughter'ftfw my heart broke in that momenthaven' t been back since9 REPLIES

Anon loves him some pickles

Anon loves him some pickles I Anonymous 12/ 23/ ( Mon) No 522930202Tell me about it.wwent to the store on Thursdayabought a half gallon jar of picklesMove me some picklesmat one as soon as I get homebatwe good I decide I' ll have a few moreawalk back to my computer and start to work but the urge is not satedknot by a long shotmeme backto pickle jar several more timemat several pickles each timeafter an hour the far is emptyf, of my daily sodium never tasted so goodminutes later I hear a churning in my stomachknot a light rumbling, sounds like the noise an old tub makes when you suddenly pull the drainsprint to bathroom modemerely get my ass on the toilet as a fucking waterfall emerges from my assholeknever in my life have relief and horror been such close bedfellowsrafter aboutthe seconds fit: it subsides to afreckle and stopsitoilet water is green and smells like vinegarybody didn' t even try to digest that shitmclean up and go back to computerthiinking "thank god that' s over"Even.