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Anon is a trashman

Anon is a trashman 5 Anonymous 08/ 1 an 6( Thu) 09: 38: 43 No.700047370Since y' all like work stories, Ifigured imma share this oneffirst week working as atrashmanggo pick up the trash from thisone house that' s a bit isolated34 KB JPGfrom the otherstthink spruces circling the yard, standing abouttall, you can see inside the yard only from theroadtthe yard itself isn' t that big as it seems, maybeper side, filled with old house electronicsand scrap metalaand the house is small as fuck, probably hasabout 3 rooms and half of its' yellow paint hascrumbled awayggo for the fucker' s trash, smellsaas I empty them in the trashcan, notice that it' swith diapers, some have even mold inthema slightly disgusted facial expressionffuck it and forget about itPic unrelatedCont.

anon expresses his love for McDonalds

anon expresses his love for McDonalds t.720359124Have you guys ever purchased aMcdonalds big?

Greekafags get cucked by kebabs

Greekafags get cucked by kebabs File: (75 , 670x677)I Story Time Anonymous (ID: -1 , (/ ffi/' 17( Thu) 84297.we me and my friend gamerfags virginssprout orthodox christiansunravelled to Belgiumwwent ene night to a clue's get lospussyHeed english musicamany qt girl and chad boysstance allure and captivate femalessand perhaps even malesCrosses in em swollen necksseer mamas put thumwhore because we are good boys and to protect us hem gay and mudslapspuddenly two Chaddy sandniggers approaches usohfuck_ gifthe fuck are we wearing infidels?

Ken M on the Homeless

Ken M on the Homeless Homeless Man' s Honest Deed Rewarded withDonation, and CountingBy William l Yahoo!Contributor Network - Thu, Feb 21, 2013use " ii armthan -hes' sheltertach/ P 1lall Food , whatdidido mean assayingthat is '|: knowing' it?

Anon clicks an ad

Anon clicks an ad i Anonymous 02/ 02/ 1 7( Thu) 1 7: 31 :04 No.721 156942sbe raleyear old virginNEETto fuckone of thoseFuck a hot rrly) ral near you"MILF fetish so it worksasign UIC)up with "Hot enorn" at coffeeshopr' rll/ rebornl/ tii?

be sorceror in camelot

be sorceror in camelot L‘ Anonyomous (/ 17( Thu)we in Camelotbeet shotwe healerwet shotwe to the weedswet shot by magicwe to the mountainswet shot by magicwe in any cavestie by C) verger) 1/'/ n moleratsidrink anythingmet poisonedmet anythingmet poisonedssay the word 'magic'met burnt at the stakentt" w you do all but dent die

Anon watches Philip DeFranco

Anon watches Philip DeFranco File: _ ' txarng (454 KB, 853x433)CI Anonymous ( Thu) : 24 Nty, Fbcheck free news agg raster to see what client mainstreammedia sources are saying about a certain topical eventcould do this themselves but are tooretarded to realize thisbcheck twitter to see what is trendingBcheck comments on videos to see what people want me totalk aboutWest get my moms to see what ether channels are posting and what dumb teens are talking aboutwif like their stuff, get intern to copy and past links into description cause I' m too lazy to do it myselfasit on couch in crappy bedroom and record myself talking about said topicsplug overpriced shitty clothes or services to said retarded audience because I don' t wantsome money, but tons of moneySup ya beautiful bastards!Thanks for not leaving me for the twitter tree ding page and geegwee Letsjust jump into it"to use mainstream media sources while simultaneously railing against themhuh oh, video might not get views, better make a good titleYol.