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Anon looked for a flatmate

Anon looked for a flatmate Anonymousity: ) (/ 13( Thu).495651108 Replies: 22495552135guys, i need a feels thread.

Anon knows Donald Trump

Anon knows Donald Trump I know Donald Trump.He was shooting the shit with the sandwich maker when I came up to give my order.

Anon kills himself with cyanide

Anon kills himself with cyanide Ask my anything in this thread363 KB PNGi Anonymous 07/ 20/ 17( Thu) 07: 09: 15 No.Also, I got it from grinding ametric shit ton of cherry pits.

/x/ Creature at Summer Camp

/x/ Creature at Summer Camp May 2013 23: 33: 45 Reporthabe 12he get sent tn a summer camp by mistake because best friends mom is ESLhe 1200 kids.I' m 1 of 5 white kidshe friend and I get assigned to Cherokee camphe Cherokee camp is pretty inns weeds and my cabin is even further Inna weeds about hem a large creekare your basic 15x15 6 feet wall with 4 feet of openness Into the mothe bunk beds.

Anon wishes he was born a woman

Anon wishes he was born a woman 5 Anonymous 08/ ( Thu) : 49Who here isn' t a tranny butstill wishes they were bornthe opposite gender'?fliip' a kts.

/tv/ on Gordon Ramsay

/tv/ on Gordon Ramsay MI File: Wiggly (76 KB, 770x470)Ll Anonymous ( Thu) 1227: 42 hho.Ffucking hell.

Anon has daddy issues

Anon has daddy issues 5 Anonymous!17( Thu)‘ : 19: 33 No.

Robot encounters a conundrum

Robot encounters a conundrum one of my balls is missing207 KB PNGi Anonymous / 17/ 17( Thu) 13: 47: 52What kind of ball was it OP?i Anonymous / 17/ 17( Thu) 14: : 52 No.

Leaf brings the heat

Leaf brings the heat 5 Anonymous (ID: (tehkiller.) PI07/ 21/ 16( Thu) 20: 56: 36 No.

Anon is in a bad spot

Anon is in a bad spot 09/ 14/ 17( Thu) 06: 09: 34 No.141455939fucks shit up in polkcountywe stores openW' s 100 fucking degrees all thetimeis not supposed to be onfor another 2 too 3 weeksPoolice stop Corning to my neighborhood afterthe first nightnly person on road with generator, it barelyworks.

Anon goes to dinner with his uncle

Anon goes to dinner with his uncle i, Anonymous / 14/ 17( Thu) 08: 55: 53bungle gets divorcedwas a real bitchfgets depressedaabout a year later decides he wants to beN a woman715 KB PINK) ::stakes hormones but has the build of alinebacker2' to a restaurant for another (uncle retiring from theArmythe time i was in the Marines and in my uniform forthe retirementbrny grandpa was in his army uniformr» -then my uniqlo comes dressed like 16 year old girleeveryone is embarrassedrny uncle is super loud and makes a sceneeeveryone is staring at ustthen my uncle starts crying for no goddamn reasoncanade everything about heryher

Really gets the ol nog noggin

Really gets the ol nog noggin t)!ii' to sex bots?