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The Day MAGA Begins

We at the Kremlin would like to thank you for your susceptibility to the mind hacking technology we utilized to get our long standing sleeper agent into your White House.It was not easy hacking Clinton's mind to ensure she forgot about campaigning in the rust belt, but we succeeded.

England is safe once more

England is safe once more FebeThe bike wheel looks particularly suspicious!Your cutlery?

It's-a Me, Asshole.

It's-a Me, Asshole. Hey guys, the reception on my last comic was such a step up from my first, just wanna say thank you so much!The whole point of this project is to improve my drawing while having some fun.

Anon goes to a bar

Anon goes to a bar stff arrive at bar with friendsstff order politely, say thank you etc.stff female bartenders and waitresses lookat you with disgusts like I' m infringing on their right to notserve any betasr: -a group of loud obnoxious Chads walk inFemale staff almost soils themselves allsmiles and flirtyz: -Ty yo give me a pint of beer"Wright away :)))anyone know this feel?