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Father took teenage daughter out of state to marry her rapist

Father took teenage daughter out of state to marry her rapist Going by his logic that "if you get them pregnant then you marry them," a father in Idaho reportedly took his teenage daughter to Missouri last year to marry her recently convicted rapist.He'll serve at least 60 days in jail on a suspended sentence of four years.

Descartes, give me strength

Descartes, give me strength Teen Teen I" t.ans Ge.

Small Steps to Equality

Small Steps to Equality when pressed about inconsistencies in her original statement, Yoking, admitted that shemade up the rape allegations against the two football players in hopes of gainingsympathy from another man - a prospective boyfriend, according to an arrest warrantaffidavit.investigators said stwing claimed two men pulled her into a bathroom in the basementof the house and held her down, taking turns sexually assaulting her, the ConnecticutPost reports.

What teenagers deal with everyday

What teenagers deal with everyday Please Don't Kill Yourself 23 hrs agoFallout: Location spongebob meme 23 hrs agoI Laughed But It Hurt a Little.17 hrs agoif you're dutch you aint much 21 hrs agoHey, you stole my flag I was going to burn!