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Anon calls in sick

Anon calls in sick 5 Anonymous 04/ 21/ 16( Thu) 06: 08: 59 No.680453076we memall in sick moncler til todaycause i' m a lazy fuckcalls asking whats wrongnot sure, some trouble withmy wreath.

Pee sea mustard rice.

Pee sea mustard rice. Have you heard of SS13 yet?11 mns agoshamelessly stolen from reddit 15 mns agoMy pitbull is scarred of my poodle 18 mns agoHidden Biproduct of Simpsons Memes 20 mns agothe new Initial D game is looking great.

Boku no hero comp 7 final (sad Announcement)

Boku no hero comp 7 final (sad Announcement) It's a little hard for me to tell you all this.When I made it, I was lost, sad,and ect, and found joy in posting pictures of Gay space rocks.