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Come on, at least try not to look stupid

Come on, at least try not to look stupid Here's a hint , well two of them:1.If you're going to do an open carry protest, don't go dressing all tacticool faggot, wear a suit or business clothes, it improves the image of gun owners in america.

When You're Rich but Stupid

When You're Rich but Stupid Downtown Josh Brown 15Here' s why a couple earning a year inis FollowNew York City ends up with nothing besidesHow To Make ssoo, oon A Tear And Still Feel AverageGross noContribution withdull: HusbandSatan; Afterdark1055 Effective Tax RateNet Eatery‘ExpensesChildcare [Two Children]Food for four (Includes date nights every two weeks)Home Maintenance500, 000 home]Three Vacations A FearCar 5 Series, Toyota Land Cruiser]GasCar InsuranceLife Insurance 63 million term)Clothes for four people (no fancy bags, shoes, or threads]Children' s Lessons (sports, piano, violin, academics}Charioteer The Children, College Alumni]Undergrad and Graduate student Man debt lit] -ED years)Miscellaneous [something always comes up]Total Candi:Phat‘: LeftSource: Finad:.iornheir

You Win Some, You Lose Some

You Win Some, You Lose Some Fucking female went let me get pussyAttell noblee qt ditsy bimbo squireen her sometimesDDM says that she is tee stupid to understand my advances and thinks i' m justplaying with hersmeargle: fer a brothel in.ery tawnu' l says they hate all been demolished er tom dawnreally doesnt want to hate sex with any female Mcsewe funds tham my nobility hire a spy to find but what' s gem; en with these : -themdis::.

Freshly stolen Meme Dump #4

Freshly stolen Meme Dump #4 The separation of trash and can 23 hrs agoConsole-tan Short; aznzeus is a faggot 22 hrs agoAnon suggests how to commit suicide 19 hrs agoGLORY TO THE FIRST ORDER!22 hrs agoSuper Secret Dank Meme Dump #2 21 hrs agoThe hunt for the szechuan sauce 22 hrs ago(((Anon))) was never invited 19 hrs agoJust a picture of America 21 hrs agoAnything's possible for 4chan 22 hrs agoSaints Row 2 is free on Steam and GOG.

The Fall of America

fat and stupid ,I hear he is secondin world in obeseReally?We need to dosomethingabout em tsWe should get biddings of him!