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Explosion in Russian subway

Explosion in Russian subway 10 people have been killed and at least 20 more injured due to explosions in the St Petersburg metro system.Mr Putin has stated the Kremlin is considering all causes, including terrorism.

Denmark gets eternally BTFO

Denmark gets eternally BTFO File: ( 30' 1 KB, 927x1200)my 'la, = , n.I HAPPENING!

Daily News: Apr-3-2017

Daily News: Apr-3-2017 11 dead and 45 wounded in terror attack; St.Petersburg, where the subway normally carries two million people a day.

Terror against Christians in Egypt.

Al least 21 have died and 50 wounded after an explosion in a Coptic Christian St.George church in the city of Tanta in northern Egypt.

You cant say Fuck

You cant say Fuck Filler Weardalt M'.- Malt",ST.

Because who cares about the actual story amirite?

Because who cares about the actual story amirite? sometimes i forget havv, straight people) won' tat the chance to watch a show with gayrep in it.i literally said to rrly straight friendtoday "oh you should watch this show, it haslesbians in it" arid stared at rne for a goodfew minutes in confusion before asking “um?

SJW goes to bootcamp

SJW goes to bootcamp 5101" St Cli itIllest DP IE: mmg" 14 horas - anSir, this recruit is offended by that word, sir.#My Marine instructor insulted me by using the reword.

Brave American on /pol/ defends his culture.

Brave American on /pol/ defends his culture. E Antonymous( ID:Tropical storm LuciferNo.11312072' 1storm about to hitLA in over 20 years5 tropical stormalreadyhappeningma HE JPG Unamed after the devilis God finally punishing California?

Do you think Baal and Kek are bros?

Do you think Baal and Kek are bros? st cities development my Us americas asia australia africaIsis 'blows up temple dating back toin PalmyraOfficial says group destroyed Baal Champain city described as being ofoutstanding universal value and first appearing in BCThe stem of Baal with Thunderboltfound in the ruins.we withThunderboltleathel, rain,he was maul In mane acts; [ll!