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Are You Alright, Son?

Are You Alright, Son? Fallout has some deep conversations 16 hrs agoTrashCat will stab you with stolen memes 8 hrs agoWhen You're Rich but Stupid 21 hrs agoAt least they gave him a bear 23 hrs agoTomo-chan wa Onnanoko!pt.

Pol User Kidnaps His Own Son After Wife Gives Him Estrogen

Pol User Kidnaps His Own Son After Wife Gives Him Estrogen Please console meZimI' m honestly thinking about this.I' m fucking wing right now.

/his/ talks about the Alpha male

l Anonymous ) l% Np, 26'being the son ofa prestigious family,We noisily speaking, hehad to start from scratchpolitician147 KB Jag generalshis subordinates toyedhim and followed him around fanaticallyReconquered barbarians left and righta fucking Triumphrally saved France tram beingGermans (yikes) by fending all Germansettlers heading to Gallic landsspirirt General tta cross the RhineRoman General to cross the EnglishChannelRoman General to reach Britaindeafeated Pompey.a flying legend thatRom ans literally compared to Alexanderthe Greatbadass sixty senators teamed up tokill himSo badass sixty people had to stab himtimes to make sure he' s deadtti, attemt them back when hewas a bonsai by the mayRomans began to deity him as soon ashe diedemperors proudly calledthemselves "Caesar"shis family name literally became the wordused for "king'' in many languages (Caesar,Kaiser.

How should Samurai Jack end

How should Samurai Jack end ".try that again.

Comrade Barney gets it

Comrade Barney gets it best asshole / Best Control Stand 24 snds agothrough the tens of desire 45 snds agoReddit Allows Syrians to Promote Al-Qaeda 4 mns agoLooking for animated show 8 mns agoBeautiful Kids Do the Emberra Dance 12 mns agoCoal burners to traditional wives 16 mns agowow look at my video I'm youtube famous 21 mns agoSamurai Jack Fan Promo (Ep 1-3) 22 mns agoREFUGEES LEAVING PORTUGAL IN MASS 33 mns ago

/pol/'s retarded son

/pol/'s retarded son 3 Anonymous on i) W, 04/ 26/ 17( Wed) 23: 58: 16 No.123007494 _23007787 2300791 5File: 1491785836082.

Son I never had

Son I never had I Wish Someone Could Hire Me For Their Meme Marketer 20 hrs agoREAL SCIENCE vs.SOCIAL SCIENCE 21 hrs agoThe Little Detail On His Eye 04/30/2017/fit/izen saves a manlet from humiliation 21 hrs ago/Biz/nessman shows his step dad 21 hrs agoAin't no rest for the wicked 22 hrs agoExtremely anti-social trash 6 hrs ago

Jimmy Kimmel tearfully recalls his newborn son's recent heart surgery

Jimmy Kimmel tearfully recalls his newborn son's recent heart surgery Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live opening monologue was a far more sombre experience than usual — for a serious reason.And I'm standing in the middle of a lot of very worried people.

I just want my son back

I just want my son back added 2 new 'ilividEMS HI have remedy been forwarded these picturea at my anan in what some -at we mereusers rater ta attire‘.He cadre eel M,".