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Monster Fact Comp: King Kong

Not just a monster, but rather a species, it was thought that Kong was the last of his species, until a female was found in Borneo.Of course, being labelled as a Kaiju, Kong couldn't stay away from crossing over with Godzilla at least once.

Skull Island 1: The Abyss

One of Skull Island's mini biomes, the Abyssal Chasms are chasms where the bottom is a writhing mass of insects and crustaceans, earning it the nickname of "The Insect Pit".Home to many specialized organisms, like many other biomes inside Kongs reach, it is a savage competition to survive.

New clip from ‘Kong: Skull Island’ reveals a connection to ‘Godzilla’ reboot

New clip from ‘Kong: Skull Island’ reveals a connection to ‘Godzilla’ reboot Why it matters to you One of the most famous giant movie monsters is getting a revamped origin story, and a new clip from Kong: Skull Island reveals that the new film will bring the worlds of King Kong and 2014's Godzilla together.The giant ape known as King Kong returns to theaters next month in Kong: Skull Island, but a new clip released by Legendary Pictures not only puts the spotlight on two of the movie’s human characters, it also establishes a connection with 2014’s Godzilla reboot.