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Secret Service Agent's Decoy Hands

Secret Service Agent's Decoy Hands The agent more than likely had a p90 or some other kind of submachine gun under his coat manned with his actual real arms.It's been the standard for sometime.

/pol/ discovers Barron's secret

/pol/ discovers Barron's secret Ll Anonymous.bow to the Barronell] years old but already 5' IO"Exetremely.

A tribute to Geert

A tribute to Geert For a couple of years now, Wilders is on the most wanted list of the islamic terror organisation Al Qaeda.Besides that he has been receiving numerous death threats and death wishes via social media and other means.

Anon discovers his boss's secret

Anon discovers his boss's secret its meAalways been close with my bossmotherfucker is leadedinvites me everwer seme beers to watch a football gamehouse with a bigass projectororder seme carryout pizzasays he' ll gs to pick it up and fer me to just stay in the living reem and kitchen areasmmy sheep gets the better sf me and I start looking aroundinto his bedroomnext to his bed.figure he' s in to seme kinky shitup his closetassits, ties.

Diplomatic bags in secret

lilli) lla MISUSE OFNORTH KOREAN DIPLOMATIC BAGSEach diplomat can carrya unique bag as enteringforeign countries.The bag is called a diplomatic bagcontaining classified informationand important documents.

George Lucas' Terrible Secret

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