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/b/tard goes home early

/b/tard goes home early C) Anonymous 07/ ' 17( Sat) : 23 Ne.738233317 PWe meHesse school early because fuck my last two classeshighscool is retarded, never noticess car is in the drivewayawfuck.

I'd be a bad parent

I'd be a bad parent I would be an awful parent.Mykid would say "l don' t wannago to school [just wannasleep" and Po probably get inbed with them and say "l feelyou"why weren' t you at school today"my mum feels me"police sirens'

Ysco Lerre Nemy Zomutacu

Ysco Lerre Nemy Zomutacu So Poland is forced to open borders to immigrants 11 mns agoSo much salt, so little time 15 mns agoMime Screams F*ck Off during BBC News Interview 22 mns agoVR Kanojo: animemanga Plays 25 mns agoStar vs.The forces Of Evil 25 mns agocarts are the only fun in gorl 26 mns agoThe autistic liberals strike again 26 mns ago

Curny Ysirea Escur Gevemalu

Curny Ysirea Escur Gevemalu Clinton under investigation: News from the other side 27 snds agoNeed some help 2: Electric Boogaloo 3 mns agoError heart.exe has stopped working 21 mns agoMint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 24 mns agoAnon trolls women with a Chad account 43 mns agoI laughed, but it hurt a little 44 mns agoWell once is never enough 53 mns agoEd Sheeran's cameo in the movie "her" 54 mns agoIs The Pizza Guy Still Here?

Memes that taste like the food from the school cafeteria

Memes that taste like the food from the school cafeteria The title wrote itself, honestly 3 mns agoMFW when i'm finished studying WWII 13 mns agoI made a thing, FJ (Mystery Dungeon Remix) 15 mns ago" Offensive as hell, pickup lines." 22 mns agoKnight Artorias and Sif cosplay.

A Metalhead sends Satan to /R9K/

A Metalhead sends Satan to /R9K/ i Anonymous 07/ 17/ 17( ddon) 09: 57: 59school instead mas1.53 MB JPGi Anonymous 07/ 17/ 17( leon) 22: 20: 38 No.