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Scammers targeting Government call centres

Scammers targeting Government call centres The Department of Internal Affairs is warning contact centre operators to look out for potential scammers on the hunt for personal information about coworkers.The warning comes after several Government contact centre operators received calls from overseas callers pestering them for information about staff, including Internal Affairs.

iPhone users hit with Apple ID expiration scam

iPhone users hit with Apple ID expiration scam Watch out, iPhone users.A text-message phishing scam, disguised as a note sent by Apple Support, aims to lure unsuspecting iPhone owners to share their usernames and passwords.

Amazon scammers are buying iPhones and switching them for clay

On Amazon, there’s a new type of purchasing scam popping up on listings for the iPhone.You can look through the lowest rated reviews on the latest generation iPhones on Amazon to see for yourself.

Scammers target IRD customers

Scammers target IRD customers These include phoning and claiming to be from Inland Revenue, or sending an email that appears to come from Inland Revenue or a tax refund agency.“You may be asked to enter personal Inland Revenue information, eg, your myIR Secure Online Services user ID and password.