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Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #9

Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #9 Last Saturday My Grandfather Died, he was one of the most Wholesome people i had ever met.He had no enemies and was friends with all.

The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post Political meme, I hate political memes 22 hrs agoThis is getting out of hand 15 hrs agoSpare change to make it hail on woman 10 hrs agoWhy Olivia Is #1 Pokewaifu 22 hrs agoLet the orc solve the problem 15 hrs agoAsking If I Can Put The Food In The Oven 23 hrs agoMaster skywalker,there's to many of them 16 hrs ago

Anon has a job

Anon has a job File: (255 KB, 900x900)t bbe meffirst jobaged coursewe a little bit of everythingsaturday in JulyTrapping for a golf outingasks mete put pop in bucket withiceepic relatedwould she want me to do this?back herit-" just put the pop in the bucket anon"ookay I just dent.

Spaghetti leaking out of Anons pocket

Spaghetti leaking out of Anons pocket ITT: Awkward generaloover at a friend' s on a SaturdaynightUnaware watchingstarts cuddling up close to mebah lord here we go463 KB We shigure I' ll put my arm around hershoulders, and try to relaxsstill tensed up while we watch atsshe notices and asks if something is wrongup what I was thinking and what I meant tosay, end up leaking at her, smiling, and saying "Inever asked for this."sphaghetti starts leaking out of my pocketsshigure I' ll W ta the washburn and give theawkwardness time ta go awayhas I walk eff to pee I mix up again and say ''I' mjust gonna hide in here until you forget what I said.

RIP in pieces Stubbs the Cat

RIP in pieces Stubbs the Cat Part of the contract, the family said, was that Stubbs would stay with the store.“After a day or two of him giving them the eye and a little growl here and there; they became best friends,”the family wrote.

Trump Threatens Health Insurance Benefits for Lawmakers

Trump Threatens Health Insurance Benefits for Lawmakers The second portion of the tweet referenced congressional health benefits.The Office of Personnel Management under the Obama administration said members of Congress could obtain subsidized insurance through Washington, D.

The good ole days

The good ole days The single happiest dog ever 3 mns ago-Are you sure is not cold to surf?8 mns agoXbox Gaming part 2: Asshole Boogaloo 9 mns agoWhen deadlines are approaching and you've discovered Adderall 13 mns agoGross injustice occurring abroad?

How do you chill?

chillin on a Saturday nightItal daturaCalm down Jojoyou' re right, I am looking a little stiff here, Ishould try to relaxYou call that "chillin"?Everyone knows the best way to relax is witha good book and a warm drinkI dunno, man,sometimes I like just relaxing on my laptopA, bitchloadget on my level boysUnfortunately to "get on your level" I' d need aboat trip to the Mariana Trench and a pair ofcinderblock shoes.