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/Biz/nessman shows his step dad

/Biz/nessman shows his step dad File: 1408864_ (38 KB, 240x233)listened to Ibis!when ETH was and went all in with mycollegefag savingssat thetime my asshole stepdad said I was being idiotic and short sightedto kick me out so that I would be "forced" to put it back intomoney to suadiye (mum thankfully refused to kick me out)tooday show him the current price ofllast night show him my fiat holdings on yannis exchangesswatch as he comes to the realisation that his MEET autistic step son isalready more successful than himshear him fucked my mum extra hard last night in a pathetic attempt toappear alphaI am so thankful to you autism: shills_ This dumb cunt would beat me routinely when I was in highschool and isprobably the reason I am so autistic.

A day in the life of Trump

A day in the life of Trump E Anonymous (ID: () Mill0710 Ill 7( Sat) 22: 08: 46 Ne.walks in, interrupting the presidentsno mp, yoga pants that say USS on the ass sucking alolly pophits sendHfucks the shit out of his wifeFmedia can' t fathom any of it because they have to take3 diff kinds o?

/b/tard goes home early

/b/tard goes home early C) Anonymous 07/ ' 17( Sat) : 23 Ne.738233317 PWe meHesse school early because fuck my last two classeshighscool is retarded, never noticess car is in the drivewayawfuck.

Anon is a dreamer

Anon is a dreamer ii Anonymous '07/ 08/ 17( Sat) : 24I fucking hate my life lb!wwant to cook steakssit I try to cook the steaks right nowI will be yelled at by roommate739 KB PNG ajust want my god damned steaksccan' t cook steaks for another hourhour from now it becomes socially acceptable tocook steaksis growlingI just want to cook my steaks

Anon has ghost problems

Anon has ghost problems " Hey /x/, I' m the guy who posted this.t Apparently after I posted the thread theentity got fucking mad.

Anon debates on whether it's "gif" or "jif"

Anon debates on whether it's "gif" or "jif" 247x204)I Anonymous / & 17( Sat) 09: 38: 38 (/ ( Sat) CM Nro.

Thots are a threat to humanity

Thots are a threat to humanity File:.ipg We KB,I Thole Are Creating Super Bacteria Anonymous (ID: ) ll '( Sat) 21:.

Anon is a pervert

Anon is a pervert i Anonymous ' 16( Sat) 17: 08: 18 No.sister caught me jacking offthe other week and calls me apervertthe other day i walked intomy mom and caught my sister404 KB we masturbatingshe calls me a pervertagain?

Anon feels like Ant Hitler

Anon feels like Ant Hitler i Anonymous 07/ l (miimii/ I 7( Sat) 1 2: 1 5: 07 No.38385176I had ants in rnl/ house and decided to teach thema lesson, I had a large cup with a lid for proteinshakes lying on its side with some sugar in it, andsure enough after a while they l/ Vere all there, I putas many as I could into the cup then boiled thekettle, I flipped open the lid and poured it in, then Iturned the bottle upside down so they' d float upthrough the boiling water, then did it again beforethey got to the top SO for the next minute and ahalf they were constantly submerged, drowning inboiling waterfew days later I found their nest and boiled akettle and poured it over them, I felt like ant hitler,but they haven' t come back since

Anon on Trump's Legacy

Anon on Trump's Legacy i, Anonymous (ID: ) E07/ 15/ 17( Sat) 2227: 18 No.And when they look back and see thederegulation, and the reduction in illegal entries into theUdah, and all the confidence he brought to workers andbusinesses all across the country, etc.

Robot discovers the perfect suicide method

Robot discovers the perfect suicide method 5 Anonymous 07/ 22/ 17( Sat) 18: 31: 293854_ 4885#Not him, but came up with this one in tth grademet a shotgunammo off a tall building headfirst with shotgun inmouthbeefore you splat pull the triggerAnd there' s a big fat mess for all the normies towitness and clean up.if it5 Anonymous tla/ 22/ 17( Sat) 18: 33:.

Autism or moment of being alpha?

Autism or moment of being alpha? WP} itOh shit, an many bad stems.tthere was this popular girl that used talkday we sat en opposite sides of the table in classHey anew Heat get a new lingerie"Eikay.

/his/ describes a moneyless society

/his/ describes a moneyless society Ll Anonymous C) 7/ 22/ 17( Sat) 14: 19: 44 No.3124158 PHow would a moneyless society work?