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Ken M on Circumcision

Ken M on Circumcision San Francisco may vote on banning malecircumcisionVideo: Charita tnHealth Care advisory BeardFOX HewsCcomment from Ken MKen M 1 hour ageCollapse Repliesf Erhere 872itifoi, 12 Ill Email in PrintBy Gabrielle Seven -Ffed Apr 27, till pm ETSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -A group opposed to male circumcisionsaid on have collected more than enough signatures toquality a proposal to ban the practice in San Francisco as a balletmeasure tor ) veet) er elections.Making circumcision illegal will only create a clangorous and unregulated black: market.

Red Bull Air Race brings low-flying action back to San Diego

Red Bull Air Race brings low-flying action back to San Diego At the Red Bull Air Race World Championships, the planes fly low but the stakes are high.To navigate the course as quickly as possible, pilots often sustain forces up to 10G while performing vertical turning maneuvers.

Venomous One Shot Meme 14

Venomous One Shot Meme 14 haha its funny cause its true 2 mns agoLalsavatue Nyttown Zapuepty 2 mns agoEven More Touhou M-1 Grand Prix 4 mns agoWhen someone says he like Justin Bieber 6 mns agoRidsiowna Otovap Retyssapti 7 mns agoWHO LOCKED ME OUT OF MY FRIGEN HOUSE 11 mns agoWhen you go to any OW forum anywhere on the internet 21 mns agoPuts things into perspective 31 mns agoLook at this tweet, that I just found 39 mns agoThe fight for Nii-sama attraction 48 mns ago