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X, get the Y comp

X, get the Y comp white should stay in their own nations 17 hrs agoWho are they gotta go after next?14 hrs ago3 year-old trans children should be respected 03/03/2017I think they did that on purpose.

a Newbie walking onto /v/

a Newbie walking onto /v/ Guess they thought it was funny 24 mns agoPikmin 2 in First Person!24 mns agoI was assaulted by Antifa in DC 26 mns agoDnD Inspiration: The Trickle 32 mns agoWhen Hogs Fly - Overwatch 35 mns agoThe Flintstones were lucky 35 mns agoHello darkness my old friend 38 mns agoWhen you ask whos a good boy 40 mns agoMe trying to get my life back together 42 mns agoKeep this in mind when you watch a super hero film 44 mns ago

Historical photos part 1 AD

Historical photos part 1 AD Army in April 1945 Babe Ruth lying unconscious after running into a wall chasing a fly ball.He would regain consciousness 5 minutes later and get 2 more hits in the game.