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Look what Trump has done

Carrie Fishery /TI: ll " Vl CI W zTrump speaking his mind isn' t refreshing, it' sappalling.Coca Cola is refreshing.

/his/ describes a moneyless society

/his/ describes a moneyless society Ll Anonymous C) 7/ 22/ 17( Sat) 14: 19: 44 No.3124158 PHow would a moneyless society work?

/biz/ gives a reasonable answer to a reasonable question

/biz/ gives a reasonable answer to a reasonable question What' s the quickest way to make a million?No meme answers like winning the lottery er marrying a rich person)If youre very good at sucking dick yee can make IO bucks peraminutes.

Anon's Favorite Saw Trap

Anon's Favorite Saw Trap What' s your favorite Saw trap?The one where it traps you in ychan for the rest of you life and eventhough you desperately want to get out and do something with your lifeevery single day finds you Corning back here to shitpost about nothingwith a bunch of other dead souls.