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Another Game Based On An Old WarCraft III Mod

Another Game Based On An Old WarCraft III Mod There’s also Ruin, a “top-down arcade style arena brawler” based on a popular old WCIII mod called Warlock Brawl.It’s kind of like DOTA (as you’d expect, given their shared lineage), only instead of being a straight MOBA this is more of a brawler.

"Trump's pick will ruin education"

"Trump's pick will ruin education" Trends in American Public Schooling Since 1970200%180%160%140%120%100%1970CostEmployeesEnrollmentE - nee scoresscoresscores19912012Total cost" is the fullamount spent on the k-education ofa student graduating inthe given year, adjustedfor inflation.In 1970: , 903In 2010: , 426Data sources:LE.