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she has great taste

she has great taste oh jesus gather round:gums my best friend made me a profile picture today and iposted it with a little innocent wear commentM'.

Lyft wants to help you donate to charity with every ride

Lyft wants to help you donate to charity with every ride ” All you’ll have to do to take part is opt in to the program via Lyft’s app by way of a one-time tap.On its website, the San Francisco-based Lyft offered an example of how Round Up & Donate will work: “If a passenger has opted into the program and their fare is $12.

Darth Vader the magician

Darth Vader the magician THE FUTURE OF GAMING IS HERE 15 mns agodidnt know GSG9 was playable in For Honor 21 mns agoDay of Failure (Infomercial compilation) 21 mns agoBe aware of friendly nitro cells and friendlies 26 mns agoall the hard work DOES pay off 31 mns agoWOW can be hard sometimes.31 mns agowhen two of your teammates lose confidence in you 32 mns agoFirst of April [Not_Daijobu Artwork] 34 mns ago

Daily News: Apr-22-2017

Daily News: Apr-22-2017 A rare parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence has been discovered in EnglandHarvard researchers on Friday presented their discovery of a rare parchment manuscript of the Declaration of Independence discovered in a small town in southern England last year."The Sussex Declaration," as the document has been dubbed, is believed to have been made in America in the 1780s.

Street Artist in NYC On The Loose

Street Artist in NYC On The Loose Stronger Than You *official music video* 8 mns agoanimated wallpaper (censored) 9 mns agoThe New Scooby Doo Movies Guest Starring Donald Trump 13 mns agoIt's going to be a good night 15 mns agoThe only thing you need in MH 38 mns agoWhat you think it was medication, well I guess it kinda is 39 mns ago

Daily News August 27-2017

Daily News August 27-2017 He was found dumped in a bin and clinging to life with severe injuries and blinded in his left eye.Owner Kirsty Sparrow, 26, fears the timid tomcat was targeted by cruel youths because of his unfortunate likeness.