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Rick did nothing wrong

Rick did nothing wrong Spare change to make it hail on woman 20 hrs agoTo my brothers across the pond.23 hrs ago2017 is promising as memes go 21 hrs agoHe wanted this though, right?

/tv/ on Rick and Morty

/tv/ on Rick and Morty fucking idiotsLl Anonymous 02/ 23/ 17( Thu) 0727: 06 No.79705183God' s not real Mortytthe redditor begins to chuckleis pointless Moiety, your “"URP* parents aretthe redditor laughs out loud, spewing Dome crumbs all over his deskup fucking steeple, everybody is an idiot but metame redditor can hardly contain his full bellied laughter as chortles begin to fill the roomPOOPY DOOP FUCK SHITredditor starts convulsing on the floor, gasping for air between spasms of laughterget schwiftylathe redditor' s heart explodes and he diesctia {Fairly accurate.


HUMANS ARE GLORPIN FUNNY Hey guys!You know that planet that recently joined the federation?

Small Rick and Morty dump cos I'm obsessed, and have no life.

Small Rick and Morty dump cos I'm obsessed, and have no life. NOPE - nightmare souls complete 19 hrs agoHappens to me more than i would like.22 hrs agoI know this isn't the right place 15 hrs ago/pol/ on African-American intellectuality 22 hrs agoA SMALL LOAN OF 2 MILLION EUROS 19 hrs agoGo sit in that corner and think about what you've done.

Daily News: Apr-5-2017

Daily News: Apr-5-2017 Facing her first serious Syria showdown at the Security Council, the ambassador, Nikki R.The United States, France and Britain have accused the Syrian government of responsibility and bitterly criticized Russia — Syria’s main ally in the six-year-old war — for objecting to a resolution they drafted condemning the attack.

International Relations Explained By Rick & Morty

International Relations Explained By Rick & Morty Lateral trash from the land of Azeban 20 hrs agoThis is how I used to play Mass Effect 23 hrs agoFourth Battle of Berkeley 22 hrs agothe madman actually did it 22 hrs agoTruck driver identified as Vanilla Ice 18 hrs agoAssorted Militarys place holder until main war post 20 hrs agoOff to the Kingdom of Hyrule 22 hrs agoTrump supporters clean up Antifa mess.21 hrs ago