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Resident Evil 5 HD Review

Resident Evil 5 HD Review The Resident Evil series has experienced both incredible highs and some questionable lows throughout its lifetime, however with 2016 marking the 20th anniversary of Capcom’s biggest selling franchise (with the current overall sales for the I.P sitting nicely around the 61 million mark), Capcom have decided to bring the series back on track and give fans what they want – a return to the core survival horror experience that defined Resident Evil all those years back.

Resident Evil 7 - What To Expect

Resident Evil 7 - What To Expect Resident Evil is back!And this one is going to make up for shit show that was Resident Evil 6.

Daily News Feb-21-2017

Daily News Feb-21-2017 While there has been no damage to the Dam, relentless storms and heavy snowfall have caused the dam's retention pond to overflow and cascade into drainage areas.The tests were designed to look at how particular parts of the brain responded to the prospect of getting a reward.