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pinnacle of naval assault technology.

pinnacle of naval assault technology. 5 Anonymous 02/ 21/ ala( Tue) 13: 52: 42 934Guys, We just got a brilliant idea.What if we remove all the planesfrom an aircraft carrier and fill itwith tanks and soldiers instead,183 KB JPGSo, when you have to invade anenemy just park the thing on the shore, and usethe steam catapult to rapidly deploy armoredvehicles?

Ken M on Chimps

Ken M on Chimps Chimps That Attacked Texas Student wereAlihHen M 4 1 day 22 hours ago I Remove 6 f.,not a sunrise cause the animals have nothing to look forward to - our church group used toread the scriptures to the monkeys in our local zoo before they put a rule against it1 hours ago I Report Abuse 4} / isp 4}Ken M.


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