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Anon gets his wisdom teeth pulled

Anon gets his wisdom teeth pulled null ATA: T744reminds megget wisdom teeth removedggo home high as shitwet on the computerggo to youtuberreally want to listen to Led Zeppelin (Idon' t even listen to them regularly)skeep typing in Led Zeppelin but nothingLed is Corning upgget madggo to bedasleep for like 12 hours.awake upggo to delete my browsing history like Iusually doloop zoop" searched on youtubetimesat thought I was typing in "Led Zeppelin"

Anon reads about African operators

Anon reads about African operators This reminds me of something I read from theBush Warrecover enemy rifles after eachengagementkeep finding rifles with the rear sight dialedin to the highest setting, practically fuckingindirect firesohey are extremely confused by thisEssentually they ask a prisoner about it duringinterrogationLitterally none of them know what the sights arefor, they think that choosing the bigger numbermakes the gun shoot harderWarfare in Africa is truly unbelievable

It’s Widow’s B-Day

It’s Widow’s B-Day A story about admins soundtrack 17 hrs agoOh.sorry about that.