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Muslim anon takes redpill

Muslim anon takes redpill File: (75 KB, 715x661)I' m a Muslim from the UK and I' recently discovered how everythingblue say about Islam is actually true and not exaggerations.Everything about how it uses tener and barbaric practices to control people in a social and mental prison are starting to make sense, and its only now that I' m realising whatIslam truly is.

/x/ Skinwalker likes fruit

/x/ Skinwalker likes fruit e.ausfagelided in the bush fer most of my life till just recentlyagewe few friends andl are chilling at a trail that gees into a very steep gullyWe nighttimeeditting in my ear listening to music quietlybwindows down, breathing in that warm summer airermee hearing small rustling in the afew meters awayin the passengers seat asks ifhe can hearths rustlingeBay "Yeah its probablement er something.

Trump is a dictator

Trump is a dictator I have a very 'colonial' way of thinking 2 mns agoEven more Overlord!Comp III 9 mns agoJust can't please some people 13 mns agoName a more brutal video game death scene 17 mns ago/tv/ predicts the next Game of Thrones cameo 17 mns agoThe absolute state of Laura Loomer 28 mns agoAnon Reminisces About the Old Days 32 mns agoWhat did Hitler do wrong?

Pyre Developer Q&A Livestream

Pyre Developer Q&A Livestream The folks at Gamastura have managed to get ahold of Supergiant Games' Greg Kasavin and Amir Rao for a livestream dedicated to their recently released title, Pyre.With how unique Supergiant's games have been so far, it's quite a treat to hear the developers behind them describe their creative process and share various anecdotes.

30 Year Old Laptop Restoration

30 Year Old Laptop Restoration In this post I repair a 30 year old laptop and get it working again.Sorry for no posts recently but I've been very busy and not in the best head space.

even his beret is sad

even his beret is sad Just a low-key drive with the kids.11 mns agoWe need more women like her 21 mns agoRakov Conoproowe Erguckowar 31 mns agoI've never laughed so hard at a kids show!