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E3 leaks continue with Dead Rising 4 footage and a ReCore release date

NeoGAF user Gwyn purports to have seen footage of Xbox One games Dead Rising 4 and ReCore.He or she has uploaded several images and gifs of the former, as well as a release date of the latter, onto the famous discussion board.

E3 Rumor: ReCore to launch in September, according to leaked reports

Nobody had leaked the existence of the game beforehand, nor did the storied and beloved developers behind the game even hint to their fans that they were working on a new project.Suffice it to say, ReCore is going to be a huge deal when it ends up releasing – and it turns out we may have an idea about when that’s going to happen.

ReCore has a helpful spider turret who will haunt your waking hours

We saw another glimpse of Keiji Inafune’s new game ReCore on stage during Microsoft’s E3 presentation.It’s a cheery, robotic action adventure starring scavager Joule Adams, and her varied team of Corebot companions.

Going Robot Pro Fishing with Xbox exclusive ReCore

Here's the secret no one will tell you about ReCore from Comcept and Armature: It's a fishing game.For those of you who weren't paying attention in Physics class, that's joule as in "a measurement of energy.

8 grappling hooks that prove E3 is a conspiracy

’ Maybe ReCore is allowed a grappling hook because it’s the central focus of the game.Using a grappling hook for sieges is acceptable - using in a historical jumble of floating cities is not.

Review: Rere is a great game sadly bogged down by several issues

Review: Rere is a great game sadly bogged down by several issues It's also a game that allows you to do different things.I just described to you the things I like about the game, but now it's onto the negatives.

Recore - Xbox One Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Recore - Xbox One Review | Chalgyr's Game Room What I find so interesting, and likely a big part of the allure of ReCore, is how it was shown to much fanfare at E3, winning some 10-12 awards, then it went silent for a good long while.Normally marketing will begin pushing hard right from day one on a title that is well received, and ReCore was.

CO/GAMER Review: ReCore is a must play game on Xbox One

CO/GAMER Review: ReCore is a must play game on Xbox One First revealed at E3 2015, ReCore caught the attention of many gamers when big time industry names like Keiji Inafune—of Mega Man fame—and Mark Pacini—Director of the Metroid Prime series—were a part of ReCore’s development.Heavily influenced by the Mega Man and Metroid franchises, this Xbox console exclusive is the first Xbox Play Anywhere game.