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Random Webm Comp 14 - Musical WebM Edition

Random Webm Comp 14 - Musical WebM Edition I promise they're not all Carl Wheezer related When I was younger I thought I was bisexual so I had a crush on Freddie, Carly and Sam.I'd frequently think about having a foursome with them while Freddies mom watched.

Just slap the bitch

Just slap the bitch Trump Flipsd His Views on Government Shutdown 8 mns agoDeclare antifa terrorists 8 mns agoAnons classmates are nice to him 29 mns agoIf celestial bodies were closer to earth 37 mns ago''This is me'' compilation 39 mns agoTeetering on the brink, facing the abyss.51 mns agoWhy haven't we found aliens yet?