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her surgeon body shamed her

p help the JammerHow' s this for body shaming?I' m due to have a double mastectomy next Monday, Iwent to see a plastic surgeon about having a fullreconstruction.

signs you've modded too much

signs you've modded too much Black Tweets Comp BLM Edition135423 hrs ago There's no way that's a real pas-oh97220 hrs ago "White skin was never specified.Rowling loves black Hermione.

dank WebM compilation (pt 88)

dank WebM compilation (pt 88) you can't always get what you want 19 hrs ago"Hi we heard you're 30 and single" 22 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #13 13 hrs agoDusadapuck Posays Repteeva 20 hrs agoHivavif Vimuappoop Aggupelery 20 hrs agoPeople Fleeing war.Holiday in warzone?