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/pol/ memes part 3

A to the L to the I to the G 21 hrs agoI'm getting a Bulldog now.23 hrs agoAnon gets his wisdom teeth pulled 20 hrs agoTrump unveils his new healthcare plan 22 hrs agoAdmit it, you did this too!

/r9k/ goes to the library

/r9k/ goes to the library File: awn (206 RE, 1080x1080)IL, Anonymous 03/ 12/ 17( Sun) tty.No.

Anon gets a latte

Anon gets a latte JPG 53.2 Kib 610x600aat the cafewetting rrly latteagirl behind rale drops her phone and it lands next topick it up to hand it to herHoro you go!