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The origin story of Alpha Boy

The origin story of Alpha Boy BOARDS348.5 PNG16 REPLIESAnonymous l 36725025299.

/x/ anon shares a story

/x/ anon shares a story 24: 20 EST IL) No.69025 E: a he Quick Reply1440307460123.

Anon has ghost problems

Anon has ghost problems " Hey /x/, I' m the guy who posted this.t Apparently after I posted the thread theentity got fucking mad.

Anon is suspected of terrorism

Anon is suspected of terrorism File: _ png (85 KB, 844x1157)f know that feel manpearents from Pakistanin was born in the UKpearents think that living in the UK my whole life has made me mentally ill because I am a beta leser with no friendsseven at the Mosque (l am forced to attend, not a muslim) the people my age make fun of mevwhen I get down on my knees to pretend I am praying they pretend there is an earthquake because my belly teethes the rider and is alwaysrumbling due to hungern recent weeks I was watching a let of ISIS videos, out of boredom and because they were en ychanby parents found thisaew they think I am planning a terrorist attackmy I made the situation verse because I had a fap folder with a few (it' s from the Manchester bombinghey didn' t Know what fap meant and they think 'tap' means 'bamb'keep telling me I will not fap the country I was born in etcmade me go to several meetings with extremism prevention officers who don' t believe me that it is a misunderstandingmy even showed my extremism prevention officers ychanhey told me they will show the website to their superiors as it seems very extrememy I meant to show them a nice easy board, current news, but clicked on pony board by mistakefay i will probably get Emmi taken down for terror offencesalso I am obese but forced to fast whenever ramadan happensn this last ramadan my parents found me eating a bag of crisps during the dayl was ene of these bags of crisps that leek like alien heads, space invadershas punishment they made me eat for my fast breaking meal a pester fer the movie ETI wish i was dead

Anon is a father

Anon is a father 10 26 minutes agoPNG 366.4 Kib 469x537sbe a fatherMohave 13 year old son4 always knew he' d grow up to be a loseryhe' s a complete nerd, really into star warssalsa claims he is a ""yhe says he identifies as the Forcemot even Darth Vader or Luke, just thefucking Forceshe has long hairorder him to get a haircut (maybe hecould get a or something if he didn' t looklike a damn hobo)aafter twenty minutes he walks into theroom, his hair still long as shitask him why he didn' t get a haircuts" l like my hair, it' s my choice dad!

Poor dogwalker and doggos

Poor dogwalker and doggos E Anonymous (ID: it "Tsar Hospitalised After Aim}25: 35tatt.ill7/ " sopmodMatr,/Em KB PNG as middle aged woman had to behospitalised in Vienna following a brutalbeating in broad daylight by a yelled Somali asylumseeker offended by her pet dogs,Victim, named only as Ingrid T.

Anon describes every iPhone keynote

Anon describes every iPhone keynote 56675828 6 hours agoapple PNG 838.2Good morning!

Fa/tg/uy deals with that guy.

Fa/tg/uy deals with that guy. r' Ill ‘I That GuyNo.YesterdayPNG 376.