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Anon on shower porn

Anon on shower porn You know, whenever I watch porn and it happens to be ina shower, i always notice that for some fucking reason,the shower is fucking perfect.I mean, look at that shit.

Youtube's new feature

Youtube's new feature Team Youtube 9Hovering over a video thumbnail on desktopnow shows you a melee per b hing Traducing arrete?

inb4 swedefags try to showcase their cuck country

inb4 swedefags try to showcase their cuck country G Rank is when it gets real 2 mns agoFirst little bit of art for my game!5 mns agoRedoing contest.

Robot has a realization.

File: M: (W KB, 2303291]nuw realized thatyou' re suppouse to Hum dawn toylet we perEhwhat hare yen been doing with it?I PUT IT IN THE BIN BECAUSE THATS WHAT, WAS; TCALD TO DC: NOW I REALIZE WHY Aet) PLE STRIPPED ME TO THEIR HOUSE in!