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Press x to flip bungie in their grave

Press x to flip bungie in their grave Pil 'them HEg hours an IE!Best kill streak?

Memes cooked medium well

Memes cooked medium well DACA EXPLAINED: Trump Reversing Obama’s Disaster 1 mn agowhen you find out your girlfriend's a thot 5 mns agoAnd they say money can't buy happiness 8 mns agoguy fieri eating to killing me softly 16 mns agoCorrelation not causation 17 mns agoInteresting Obscure games discussion 20 mns agoMusic because am I popular yet?21 mns agoAnyway, thought y'all ought to know 24 mns agoI have no excuse for making this 53 mns agoits like a visible form of cancer 54 mns agoPolite conversation with Socialists 1 hr ago