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Oh you haven't heard?

Oh you haven't heard? Does this look like the face of.By:1 mn ago Eevee is still my favorite PokemonBy:4 mns ago karma he only went out for a paperBy:6 mns ago Overwatch Hero's from "Recall"By:7 mns ago Our instincts tell us to always be rightBy:8 mns ago obviously fake, the gif is reversedBy:11 mns ago Upvote Money Dog and I promise you nowtBy:16 mns ago Adam West Was a Grammar NaziBy:16 mns ago

Putting the Souls into sci-fi; The Surge

Putting the Souls into sci-fi; The Surge What do you get when you mix the Souls series gaming formula, with the science fiction movies Elysium and Edge of Tomorrow?Oh and throw in a pinch of Fallout too.