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Anon gets really deep

Anon gets really deep I Anonymous 05/ 25/ 1 I ()h/ ed) 03: 02: 33 No.330301364amid virgin living at home with no friends and never go outsideMry internet dating siteawrite insane ranting message to extremely attractive girlsshe responds to my surpriseewe go out on a datesshe is completely amazingEverything I could possibly want in a personsshe seems to like me a lot as wellewe talk on the phone and text a funtimesmien second dateson day of second date she suddenly stops answering phonewind of sad, I have never met anyone like her before, likely haverhill againsmooths later realize I wasnt good enough for herpstart visiting /fit/met in shape.


NUKE SWEDEN, BURN IT THE FUCK DOWN! Attempted torape, stranglegirl outside ofpreschool butdoes not getdeported: "Thecrime is not HThe African assaulted andtried to brutally rape a flick!vald dagos menteenage tit slipper : "Intepreschool in Orebot.

What kind of person were you in high school?

What kind of person were you in high school? sbe melooking3: -no friendsstry to be soecial/ talk to peopleT: -no one wants to be friends with the outsidersshear about a site -sailed mys pagemmaybe this is my GlanceTrade eberyone I know from manualsyes yes yes, making friendsroom ment on their pagesT: -no repliesroom Kliment a lot of girls picturess'' thank you anon M"to do this far 2 yearsidealize I had became school' s internet stalker (Heepomeleteis pend next 2 years not talking to anyonesthe end

Shooting outside of U.K. Parliament

Shooting outside of U.K. Parliament Shooting Reported OutsideUK.ParliamentBy STEPHEN CASTLE MARCH 22, 2017Witnesses said a driver mowed down people Wednesdayon Westminster Bridge, which crosses the River Thames.

Gunman opens fire in N France

Gunman opens fire in N France Armed police have rushed to the scene, located near Porte d'Arras metro station in the south of the city.The shots are believed to have fired at Jacques Febvrier square, a few metres from the metro station, according to reports.

Who is Marsha Blackburn?

Who is Marsha Blackburn? Representative Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee, District 7 (just outside of Nashville)In 2008, Marsha Blackburn donated a leather couch, that was used in her in congressional office, to a charity which then sold it at a yard sale.At the time, Blackburn was already under investigation by the Federal Election Committee and had already admitted to losing $350,000.

Kifui Wavi Wigon Oppaig

Kifui Wavi Wigon Oppaig Immigrants and refugee are taking our inch.doing business and leaving us standard.


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These custom camper vans bring easy living to the great outdoors

These custom camper vans bring easy living to the great outdoors If you’ve tried bare-bones van camping and decided you’re all-in, yet want something custom-built to fit your needs, Oregon-based Outside Van might be a good place to start.Its unique camper van dubbed the Rainmaker is the perfect example of how Outside Van builds its campers for off-grid living.