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/mu/tant takes off his headphones

/mu/tant takes off his headphones he 70849854 OF'llook outside and see the sun shiningsuecide to stop surrounding myself in awall of noise for onceHake headphones offwear birds outside and the general sound of lifeso sereneMake deep breath and soak it all intbagin to be able to hear myself thinkpstart to focus on my own thoughtsthroughts start to spiral out of controleeverything starts speeding upait' s moving too fasteeverything becomes too sharpwetting suicidalpied immense pressure on every sensepears and nose start bleedingturn noise back on and drown everything outeat peace again

Robot thinking outside the box

Robot thinking outside the box org F,Board /rak/ - V T Settings Homei Anonymous / / 17( Wed) 14: 53: 53 No.She thinks the reason I haven' thad a girlfriend is because I' m so81 KB PNG handsome, hot, etc.

Pewdiepie drops massive redpills

'5 vs 1' turn into '1 vs 1' 23 hrs agoWhat Will You Do When They're Gone?23 hrs agoIllegal Alien Boycott, Funded by I.

Anon gets really deep

Anon gets really deep I Anonymous 05/ 25/ 1 I ()h/ ed) 03: 02: 33 No.330301364amid virgin living at home with no friends and never go outsideMry internet dating siteawrite insane ranting message to extremely attractive girlsshe responds to my surpriseewe go out on a datesshe is completely amazingEverything I could possibly want in a personsshe seems to like me a lot as wellewe talk on the phone and text a funtimesmien second dateson day of second date she suddenly stops answering phonewind of sad, I have never met anyone like her before, likely haverhill againsmooths later realize I wasnt good enough for herpstart visiting /fit/met in shape.


NUKE SWEDEN, BURN IT THE FUCK DOWN! Attempted torape, stranglegirl outside ofpreschool butdoes not getdeported: "Thecrime is not HThe African assaulted andtried to brutally rape a flick!vald dagos menteenage tit slipper : "Intepreschool in Orebot.

What kind of person were you in high school?

What kind of person were you in high school? sbe melooking3: -no friendsstry to be soecial/ talk to peopleT: -no one wants to be friends with the outsidersshear about a site -sailed mys pagemmaybe this is my GlanceTrade eberyone I know from manualsyes yes yes, making friendsroom ment on their pagesT: -no repliesroom Kliment a lot of girls picturess'' thank you anon M"to do this far 2 yearsidealize I had became school' s internet stalker (Heepomeleteis pend next 2 years not talking to anyonesthe end

Shooting outside of U.K. Parliament

Shooting outside of U.K. Parliament Shooting Reported OutsideUK.ParliamentBy STEPHEN CASTLE MARCH 22, 2017Witnesses said a driver mowed down people Wednesdayon Westminster Bridge, which crosses the River Thames.