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Anon deals with an infestation

Anon deals with an infestation ipg (68 KB, 590x525)3334713152 (OP)Last year I had a huge wasp nest on the overhang of my sun room- I washaving some friends over that afternoon to use the pool and the fuckerswere flying everywhere.I grabbed my shop van and sucked up every songone of those bastard's and their nest.

Op is a faggot

Op is a faggot they think a a closet faggot thatsabout to commit suicidettry to explain that the reason We neverhad a is because a spaztthey' re trying to hook me up with otherfagsggo full 88Brant about how being gay is unnaturaland it should be eradicated ect ecttthey think i just dont want to come out ofthe closet because scaredflickmylife.pngThis brings us to right now, how do iconvince them not gay.

Robot encounters a conundrum

Robot encounters a conundrum one of my balls is missing207 KB PNGi Anonymous / 17/ 17( Thu) 13: 47: 52What kind of ball was it OP?i Anonymous / 17/ 17( Thu) 14: : 52 No.