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OP reflects on his first love

OP reflects on his first love bbe 2011bbe depressed high school kid becauserejected againyhave friends but don' t really hangoutwith them muchappend hours upon hours everydaywalking in the sungget depressed waking up every morningbecause I wish I had died in my sleepsstill lift every night but see no purposein lifeaone day see all these "arrow in the kneememes" on the internetffrom a game named Skyrimyhave never played an Elder Scrolls orBethesda game before, only FPS with mybuddies onlinebbuy it during Christmas break of 2011mmost amazing and comfy experienceevertthe open worldtthe explorationtthe musictthe adventureappend the next 3 years playing it untilI' discovered all there is to see inSkyrimftfw I will never experience the joy ofplaying Skyrim again for the first timeone of my favorite games no doubt

Xbox emulation never ever

Xbox emulation never ever Worst Case Scenario vs.Best Case Scenar 19 hrs agoBill Maher goes nuclear on Snowflakes.

OP enrolls in Research class.

OP enrolls in Research class. I Anonymous ()2/ OWW T( Tue) [Reply].ebs meZuniHive in a country where english is a secondary languagereasearch classSC) i need to ace thismats formed in groupsreach group works en a certain topictreacher gives us group workewe split the work equallybi volunteered to be the editor ofthe groupwe home and finish my part alter proofreading it and checking fergrammatical errorsbi receive mysail ofthem submittedofthem even hat out submitted a whole article straight out ofthe first google results page without anychanges done to itbi pm them and to revise itedits ofthem submitted a revised work with no improvements whatsoevertthe guy who "submitted" the plagiarized article wont respondtthe rest dida/ t submit a revision at allappend the whole night doing their part with few identifications to their original workenext day we submitted itewe were commended bythe professoroak "our" workegoogle article asshole was showing off eur grade to other groupsI want to fucking die.

OP and the Chihuahua

OP and the Chihuahua mom divorced dadwot a redneck boyfriendredneck boyfriend gets a chihuahuaare hateful little beingschoose only one person to like and terrorize the rest on behalf of that one personI hayato walk around with atonal and bleach places where this little fuck pee' sllegue you shoes on the floor, it pisses on themHome home and set down your pisses on itmet up from your plate.