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Gotta Save 'Em All

Gotta Save 'Em All Click to block a category: shiblets prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Hey guys!Midterms are almost over and spring break is almost here!

Magic Lantern-OC#1-(PART 3)

Magic Lantern-OC#1-(PART 3) Jumping back to the ball-and-shank portion that will go on top of the lantern and hold the triangle.I've ground down the shank to the appropriate size and placed it within the chuck of the drill-press.

Spear-OC#1-(PART 3)

Spear-OC#1-(PART 3) THAT DOES IT FOR THIS PROJECT!If you enjoyed what you saw, make sure you thumb up!

Kitchen Knife OC#4-(PART 3)

Kitchen Knife OC#4-(PART 3) I put it in for 1 hour at 400F, take it out, let it cool slowly to room temperature, then put it back in at 400F for 2 hours.This should make sure that the steel is tempered very 'through-and-through' and make it a bit springier, but still plenty hard to hold an edge for a long time.