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Truth for Nice Guys

Truth for Nice Guys The racist computers of the future 22 hrs ago300 Spartans Vs 8,000 Zombies 18 hrs agoThe Regressive Left in a Nutshell 22 hrs agoAnon Deciphers Luke's Cryptic Message 22 hrs agoWholesome Compilation for dndxplain 8 hrs agoAnon talks about his childhood 22 hrs agoFear does not equal reality 18 hrs agoWhen you don't have any armor but you need the XP 11 hrs agoWhen attention whoring fails.19 hrs agoAnon writes som Shakespeareian level poetry 11 hrs agoNO ONE PLAYS D&D LIKE GASTON 21 hrs ago

Japan bringing the bantz

Japan bringing the bantz You seduce a chick there and give them a nice solid American dicking, and their little "midnight rendezvous" affects them the next morning.I mean who the **** would want to go there when Maine is right there if you want depressing Wuthering heights style scenery.

7/10 nice gf

7/10 nice gf Awkward moments int he men's restroom 4 mns ago"How to make friends" by Dio Brando 26 mns ago"What are you gonna do, Stab me?" Quote from man stabbed 27 mns agoBill Nye, the science guy 44 mns agoYouTube recommendations be dissin' 45 mns agoIngredients to eat snake ass 45 mns agoWhen you like your own comment 47 mns agoFEELS LIKE IM WEARING NOTHING AT ALL 49 mns ago