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"Speak softly, but carry a big nuke"

"Speak softly, but carry a big nuke" The one year anniversary of TPP 21 hrs agoTrump is such a terrifying fascist.20 hrs agoWe must team up against the Weebs 22 hrs agoBad Jokes With Randy Marsh 12 hrs agoDoggo turns to vicious killing machine 22 hrs agoMost Dominant Display in Leaf History 18 hrs agoDon't mean to point fingers but.


NUKE SWEDEN, BURN IT THE FUCK DOWN! Attempted torape, stranglegirl outside ofpreschool butdoes not getdeported: "Thecrime is not HThe African assaulted andtried to brutally rape a flick!vald dagos menteenage tit slipper : "Intepreschool in Orebot.

We'll Nuke you!

We'll Nuke you! S.S.

WMD (Weapons of meme destruction)

WMD (Weapons of meme destruction) f- Tweet ckLi' Jon Safaris WJ @JontronshowTrump: What' s the biggest thing wegot that' s not a nuke?Cabinet: Memes of a Green FrogTrump: Ocaust use the 22, bombI' m not sick222 RETWEETS 880 LIKESdog bless.

Transgender deals with Nuke

Transgender deals with Nuke Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [ Auto] 4 97 / 46 i 87 i 2Hie: Trans ender in the militar I (35 KB, 480x361)I Trans in the militray Anonymous (ID: ) 08/ 06/ ( Sun) 07: 52: 46sf -r ureCheckmate, bigots.Sage.