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/k/ in New Vegas, edgelord edition

/k/ in New Vegas, edgelord edition File: Silus_' ppg as KB, amass}We legion Centurionaims battle NCRaall my men an hemadept feel like dyingcapturedINCR threw me in celllieutenant keeps nagging melieutenant bitch walks outImpress back, introduces some faggotcleaves me with faggotbaggot starts talking shiticall him out on his degeneracyWe ups his shit talkgetting pissed nowWe keeps talking shitHerbal shitposting is tee much to handleliterally shaking respill the beans about legion spy in a fit of rageregret not an hereingAntonymous 02/ 18/ & 00 F

/k/ in New Vegas, NCR edition

/k/ in New Vegas, NCR edition Anonymous 02/ :21 :35 FFile: IMG (1.08 MB, 200x200)lite Her soldiergget same report that same important guy willbe visitingSSE) e guy they were talking eheutWe has a pet deathclaw that' s wearing a taphatbe rad mach that has a PHDSSC) mt?