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Rooney Mara reveals she ate pie for the first time at 31

Rooney Mara reveals she ate pie for the first time at 31 That's why director David Lowery was puzzled when he found out that Rooney Mara never tried pie before filming his movie A Ghost Story.In the film, Mara's character, M, mourns the loss of her partner, played by Casey Affleck, by eating an entire pie in one sitting.

Atlantis the Lost Doomfist

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George A Romero dead at 77.

George A Romero dead at 77. TI Heme Mail Flick Tumblr News Spams Finance Millinium.-manswers Groups Miters'.

Fucking self entitled celebrities

Fucking self entitled celebrities The Dark Side Of Celebrity: Chris Pratt Won' tStar In A Movie Unless You Pay Him Moneyill, ouri Au'sChe Pitt SSEE' T' IS ike a friendly gm on seem.but perdiste' N rll" P.

Guy in a hoodie

Guy in a hoodie When you need a good friendship and booty at the same time 1 mn agoBuzz Aldrin Punches Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorist 7 mns agoIf Pokémon was made for the iPhone.12 mns agoDaughter walks in on him while playing a scary game.