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Me when waiting for the new season

Me when waiting for the new season The only Pokefusion that matters 23 hrs ago/k/ommandos discuss the tank life 23 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #20 22 hrs agoUncle Ben's final moments 23 hrs agoWait for pays off in spades 19 hrs agoInverted fishtank 2: Electric Boogaloo 20 hrs ago/pol/itician explains Islam 23 hrs agoTrump vs.

I love when Morty loses his shit.

I love when Morty loses his shit. Trump Locks the Press in the Basement 21 hrs agoHow to be alpha and win a fight 18 hrs agoGravity was on his side that day 23 hrs agowhen you wanna flip off but in PG game 21 hrs agoThis is me and my girlfriend.23 hrs agoSadly less than 2% of FJ will thumb this 18 hrs agoWhen you stop playing CS:GO 18 hrs ago

/tv/ on Rick and Morty

/tv/ on Rick and Morty fucking idiotsLl Anonymous 02/ 23/ 17( Thu) 0727: 06 No.79705183God' s not real Mortytthe redditor begins to chuckleis pointless Moiety, your “"URP* parents aretthe redditor laughs out loud, spewing Dome crumbs all over his deskup fucking steeple, everybody is an idiot but metame redditor can hardly contain his full bellied laughter as chortles begin to fill the roomPOOPY DOOP FUCK SHITredditor starts convulsing on the floor, gasping for air between spasms of laughterget schwiftylathe redditor' s heart explodes and he diesctia {Fairly accurate.