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I didn't need this...

I didn't need this... Jone's - Rochester I atThis morning was the perfect combination of sun andwind that I had been waiting for all spring.t said mylast goodbye and let the wind scatter Buddy' s ashesoff the end of the dock mat as the same wind took hisfur in years past as I would brush him here almosteach morning.

Anon listens to ASMR

Anon listens to ASMR 5 AnonymousEmbarrassing storieswe to sleep listening my comfyI ASMR playlistIt awake up in the morning and noticethere' s no more soundestrange because the playlist is like481 KB We 20 hours longmy phonea 3 hour long japanese ear licking video isstill playingi forgot to turn the bluetooth off beforegoing to sleeptthe bluetooth fucking connected my phone to theloud fucking speaker in my housemmy dad heard the fucking japanese ear lickingwhen he turned the speaker on in the morning40 Replies/ 6 Images View Thread

Varying degrees of Tumblr

Varying degrees of Tumblr This morning i had iridescent paint on mycheeks and white spots and the first wordsspoken to me at school were "f like yourpigeon makeup."Yes, that' s what i arnol And i didn' t evenhave to tell you if Gee, thanks!

OP wants to reach the darknet

OP wants to reach the darknet I Anonymous (W'S/ 17( Shat) 20: 41: 46 No.59912455Can caly be accessed midnight at cf.

Literally proves that women want what other women have

Literally proves that women want what other women have Sign upI was getting ready In lng on In Facebbok this morning, and saw this, This is theinterracial maple lever see.I intent have a problem with it, so don' ttake that as the tone of this post, ajust wonder why it seems like white guys whoactually do date trf their race only seem In want Asian wemen.

When I was younger..

When I was younger.. Anyone remember this game?2 mns agoNexus challenge(free genji and D.