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I'd believe it.

I'd believe it. Eif theuWerewolves are stereotyped as ravenous monsters because thetransformations burn so many calories that they' re essentially starvingafterwords_ The more "controlled" werewolves are just the ones who figuredthis out and loaded up on calories beforehand, whereas the "wild" onesassume its part of their nature to hunt and eat whatever' s nearby.The transformation back burns calories too, but by that point they' re exhaustedfrom running around in the woods all night, not to mention the physical strain oftwo transformations.

The Godzilla Animated Movie Gets New Art, More Plot Details

The Godzilla Animated Movie Gets New Art, More Plot Details Toho’s first animated Godzilla movie, the studio’s 30th about the monster, won’t arrive in American Netflix cues until later this year.Fortunately, we won’t have to wait that long to learn what Godzilla: Monster Planet will be about.

D&D Epic Monsters

D&D Epic Monsters Vavnyelfil Utabtod Headifo 23 hrs agothe guardsmen spirit is strong 22 hrs ago/tv/ snickers at a fatty in the theater 20 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #35 Or 23 23 hrs agothat's why i never lend my phone 23 hrs agoMEME WAR: OPERATION STOCK EXCHANGE 22 hrs agoGays culturally appropriate God 04/03/2017Write The Following In English 22 hrs agoBlack people invented English ya'll 20 hrs agothat uncomfortable feeling 23 hrs agoAnon goes to Piggly Wiggly 19 hrs agoEverything Has Led Up To This Moment.22 hrs agoCrazy Mothafocka Named Ice Cube 22 hrs agoChoose thy path carefully.