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Milo Evacuated From Berkley Event

Milo Evacuated From Berkley Event MiloJlt.I have been evacuated from the ) Berkeley campus after violentprotestors tore dawn barricades, lit fires, threw rocks and Roman candles atthe windows and breached the ground floor the building.

Milo's Book Sales. Soar.

Milo's Book Sales. Soar. ait PM SHARESs SK D till talaFollowing the violent protests in Berkeley, California last night - sparked by caps special snowflakes hurt feelings at thepotential words that would come out of Milo ' mouth during a event - it appears America' s curiousity has beenpiqued.hosts hourlyAmazon Lat' 2Appspot'.

/pol/ sets the record straight

/pol/ sets the record straight File: (26 KB, 320x480)ftfw black and was at the LIE Berkley protests defending Milo and all of the nummie Antipas were dead ass afraid of meand I even blathered one in the head after he bumped into meAdmit it moi!You guys want negro strength when it is on your sideI don' t have a problem with black people unlike most of mot’.

Buzzfeed: Lesbianism may die out

Buzzfeed: Lesbianism may die out Allen New suntan This metres the sherry.ts as women.

Divide and Conquer : Milo

Divide and Conquer : Milo I am not defending Milo's words and frankly I disagree completely.I simply do not believe kids as young as mid teens are mentally or emotionally capable of understanding what a sexual relationship entails.

How to troll yourself

How to troll yourself ll Eleanor Robertson'sthought Pd check in on /pol/ after mimedisgrace and I see they are, as always,focused on the issues that matterAnonymous {H}: man 1''!iti_ coif,113% iss “REE1211255339 /: ' cl, mama iiicarts are.

Milo writes about #BasedStickman

Milo writes about #BasedStickman I FawnOFT_ Sco( II was told about ' as a child.Ag I grew aide!

Not Applauding Hero's

Not Applauding Hero's Just because I didnt have all the information at first doesnt mean I was wrong.You can pay attention to CNNand ignore everything else if you want.