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/pol/ sets the record straight

/pol/ sets the record straight File: (26 KB, 320x480)ftfw black and was at the LIE Berkley protests defending Milo and all of the nummie Antipas were dead ass afraid of meand I even blathered one in the head after he bumped into meAdmit it moi!You guys want negro strength when it is on your sideI don' t have a problem with black people unlike most of mot’.

Buzzfeed: Lesbianism may die out

Buzzfeed: Lesbianism may die out Allen New suntan This metres the sherry.ts as women.

Divide and Conquer : Milo

Divide and Conquer : Milo I am not defending Milo's words and frankly I disagree completely.I simply do not believe kids as young as mid teens are mentally or emotionally capable of understanding what a sexual relationship entails.

How to troll yourself

How to troll yourself ll Eleanor Robertson'sthought Pd check in on /pol/ after mimedisgrace and I see they are, as always,focused on the issues that matterAnonymous {H}: man 1''!iti_ coif,113% iss “REE1211255339 /: ' cl, mama iiicarts are.

Milo writes about #BasedStickman

Milo writes about #BasedStickman I FawnOFT_ Sco( II was told about ' as a child.Ag I grew aide!

Not Applauding Hero's

Not Applauding Hero's Just because I didnt have all the information at first doesnt mean I was wrong.You can pay attention to CNNand ignore everything else if you want.