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The true terrorist of Quebec.

The true terrorist of Quebec. Click to block a category: prodicalson prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Alexandre Bissonnette one of the shooter that killed 6 muslim at a mosque in Quebec.A 27 years old white male was the killer and responsible for this barbaric act.

"This is male privilege!"

"This is male privilege!" 19TH FEB 1014 : " NEWSTHIS IS MALE PRIVILEGEJust left the dorm to get dinner.I got:4 guys whistling at me10 guys melting at me from their car windowsfit guys stepping me just to tell me I' m 'gorgeous" )3 guys asking me for sex1 guy inappropriately tenuring me5 guys saying something about my butt1 guy a door for me and saying “ladies first"And that was all in 10 minutes.