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You Are A Male Supremacist

You are a MaleSupremacist if:I you believe men are naturallymasculine and women are naturallyfeminine; that gender is innate andbiological, rather than a sociallyconstructed product of culture-I you believe gender is good ratherthan an oppressive hebraic , youbelieve gender roles are necessaryfor societyI you believe the nuclear familymodel is a good family modelI you believe men have a right toclaim a child that foamed inside of amckart' s body (support forfatherhood rights}

Anon predicts GTA VI

Anon predicts GTA VI REASON WHY SHADMAN GOT IN TROUBLE 16 hrs agoHey guys look, I made a dead meme 22 hrs agoNow you can master the elements in VR 23 hrs agoProperly the most dangerous job in Russia 18 hrs agoThe California Representatives that sold out your privacy to ISPs 23 hrs agoHow Oldfags Watched Anime 19 hrs agoTrash fuels the raccoon invasion 6 hrs agoFree kekistan - #kekfugees welcome 23 hrs agoJust feminists being hypocrites 13 hrs agoeffay anon fixes his orientation 17 hrs agoIf Satan where a web developer 15 hrs ago

Toshiros D&D Comp

Toshiros D&D Comp the _ trittyMale rogue - were not going to tlo it " stupid.Why should we trust these guys to do What they say.

/fit/ on their ideal physiques

/fit/ on their ideal physiques New military tech night vision 20 hrs agoWas the Syrian "gas attack" a false flag?22 hrs agoThe Trump Effect: Lower Drug Prices 20 hrs agoThought Vomit Fact Comp (3/3) 20 hrs agoA roast to all those tryhard weebs living in japan 04/06/2017Who Said it was Tracer’s Idea?

/his/ talks about the Alpha male

l Anonymous ) l% Np, 26'being the son ofa prestigious family,We noisily speaking, hehad to start from scratchpolitician147 KB Jag generalshis subordinates toyedhim and followed him around fanaticallyReconquered barbarians left and righta fucking Triumphrally saved France tram beingGermans (yikes) by fending all Germansettlers heading to Gallic landsspirirt General tta cross the RhineRoman General to cross the EnglishChannelRoman General to reach Britaindeafeated Pompey.a flying legend thatRom ans literally compared to Alexanderthe Greatbadass sixty senators teamed up tokill himSo badass sixty people had to stab himtimes to make sure he' s deadtti, attemt them back when hewas a bonsai by the mayRomans began to deity him as soon ashe diedemperors proudly calledthemselves "Caesar"shis family name literally became the wordused for "king'' in many languages (Caesar,Kaiser.

male vs female makeup

male vs female makeup Vir Ania police arrest manrowed as the Joker.Gets charted with a felonyJeremy Petman was busted for dressing uplike Batman' s arch enemy saidhe only wanted to make people laughand wouldn' t hurt a fly- despitehis affinity for dressing up like thederanged mass murderer.

Democrat laughs at Rise of the White Male Suicides

Democrat laughs at Rise of the White Male Suicides Democrat laughs at Rise of the White Male Suicides Click to block a category: mortuz prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment So this guy, Richard Fochtmann was filmed when made a comment: "Today, you know, I saw a thing that said a lot of men, white men, are committing suicide.I almost thought, 'yeah, great!

/k/ommando goes to Subway

/k/ommando goes to Subway I Anonymous 04/ ) " 10 No.tta"blotlorris.