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The true terrorist of Quebec.

The true terrorist of Quebec. Click to block a category: prodicalson prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Alexandre Bissonnette one of the shooter that killed 6 muslim at a mosque in Quebec.A 27 years old white male was the killer and responsible for this barbaric act.

"This is male privilege!"

"This is male privilege!" 19TH FEB 1014 : " NEWSTHIS IS MALE PRIVILEGEJust left the dorm to get dinner.I got:4 guys whistling at me10 guys melting at me from their car windowsfit guys stepping me just to tell me I' m 'gorgeous" )3 guys asking me for sex1 guy inappropriately tenuring me5 guys saying something about my butt1 guy a door for me and saying “ladies first"And that was all in 10 minutes.

Ken M on Circumcision

Ken M on Circumcision San Francisco may vote on banning malecircumcisionVideo: Charita tnHealth Care advisory BeardFOX HewsCcomment from Ken MKen M 1 hour ageCollapse Repliesf Erhere 872itifoi, 12 Ill Email in PrintBy Gabrielle Seven -Ffed Apr 27, till pm ETSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -A group opposed to male circumcisionsaid on have collected more than enough signatures toquality a proposal to ban the practice in San Francisco as a balletmeasure tor ) veet) er elections.Making circumcision illegal will only create a clangorous and unregulated black: market.

Mass Effect 2 (2010) vs Andromeda (2017)

Mass Effect 2 (2010) vs Andromeda (2017) 23 hrs agoPlease Respect My Religion 20 hrs agoMaking new friends at a gaming convention 19 hrs agoLiterally Hitler billboard 17 hrs agoThe Killing Joke in a nutshell 20 hrs agoAfter being on FunnyJunk for 5 years 18 hrs agoI'm a spider, so what?2 20 hrs agoShe wants the Guac.

27 year old male

27 year old male Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #31 23 hrs agoThat awkward moment when!23 hrs agoRaccoons stealing your memes 20 hrs ago/pol/ reacts to the death of David Rockefeller 22 hrs agoRobot remembers the good ole days 22 hrs agoZivitsa Dutaver Wowhowhoc 19 hrs agofor the emperor, kill the heretics 20 hrs agoGeorge Lucas' Terrible Secret 18 hrs ago/pol/ plans to sabotage billboard 23 hrs agoWendy's Oppresses People on Twitter 17 hrs agoMigrants and far-left attack police in Paris 22 hrs agoUduncen Xaklifevi Huabildan 22 hrs agoUnlimited Biscuits and Soup 22 hrs agoIf Link Were Riased as a Gerudo 22 hrs ago/TV/ explains Darth Vader 20 hrs ago

You Are A Male Supremacist

You are a MaleSupremacist if:I you believe men are naturallymasculine and women are naturallyfeminine; that gender is innate andbiological, rather than a sociallyconstructed product of culture-I you believe gender is good ratherthan an oppressive hebraic , youbelieve gender roles are necessaryfor societyI you believe the nuclear familymodel is a good family modelI you believe men have a right toclaim a child that foamed inside of amckart' s body (support forfatherhood rights}